The Popularity Of Golf On The Rise

In the days gone golf was never considered as popular as some other forms of sport like football, baseball or basketball. It was considered a game that was meant for the exclusive people in the society to play. It was the game that the privileged and high up people in the society played. And the professional golfer wasn’t held in high regard when it came to sorts people and the athletes because most people felt that there was no pride to be gotten out of playing such a sport. Most people thought it was a game where you didn’t need to have all that much of a skill to excel in it. And added to this professional golf tournaments were few and far between and were hardly telecast on television making it a lesser known sport.

So how did people start noticing it?

If gold was such a boring game where people only swung their clubs to hit the golf balls how did it suddenly get so popular and become a rage amongst the people? Because of the trend that one professional golfer called Tiger Woods brought into the game. He made sure he let people know that golf was the same as any other sport. That you had to work hard to train yourself and hone your skills. That it was not a game that you can merely win by having a lucky day or lose by having an unlucky day. He made sure he worked hard himself and improved his skills to a level that people started noticing him and a as result the game.

Other factors that played a role

The advances of technology also had a significant role to play with the world view of the sport of golf. For example with the development of the golf GPS watch Garmin, the players were given an exact reading of the distances they were covered. And this increased the competitiveness in the game for them to outdo each other. And as a result it became a more aggressive sort of sport. These devices also give the players a torrent of other information which they can use to better their game making them work even harder to improve their game.

These amazing devices can be used as handheld ones or wearables, whichever way the user prefers it.So if you were amongst those who considered golf to be a boring sport well it might be time to change your mind about it. And take a closer look at the hype it’s creating world over.